When it comes to an event that you spend so much time planning to get the details just right, why skimp or overlook the details on something that you and your guests are going to find most memorable: the atmosphere and tone of the entire event itself.  Exactly how your event ties together is accentuated by the DJ company you choose.  The enjoyable experience you envision is largely orchestrated by the very people behind the scenes- controlling the microphones, music and lighting.

Let’s break it down in terms of something simple, such as a burger.

You can go to a backyard barbecue, where your pal, Joe, cooks up burgers on the grill.  He’s doing this for free- because he is happy to do it and enjoys the company of his friends.  Is Joe an expert at grilling burgers?  Joe has some equipment to perform the task, but does he have a back-up plan? Joe’s burgers are burger-shaped, and he is fairly good at cooking them all the same way.  He may have some experience in grilling because he enjoys it, but does his burger have the quality standards you would serve up at the event that you’ve been planning for months?

Next, let’s look at a popular fast food restaurant, where the burger is standard-sized and always the same- every time, for every customer.  Sure, you can leave off the pickles, but that burger has not changed in years.  They use same old formula that has worked for years.  Often times, the same old equipment.  This burger is inexpensive, will fill you up, and the packaging is clean, but rather generic.  There are no frills- and nothing exceptional about the equipment they use to mass-produce the burgers they serve.  The service is what you would expect from a fast food burger restaurant.  Is the fast food restaurant going to have the special sauce you like to put on that burger?  Will they take the time to prepare it for you?   There is no argument that this is an extremely affordable burger.  Would you serve this burger at an event for which you have spent countless hours planning every other detail, down to the flatware and centerpieces- the very china it will be served upon?

Finally, let’s jump to the fine-dining restaurant burger.  Here the chef has put thought into what separates his or her burger from all the other fine restaurants.  They have excellent equipment, and are constantly refreshing the kitchen and restaurant to keep current. The burger served here is grilled to order, to your specification.  You have a server who goes over the details regarding how you like it prepared and what you want to go on the burger.  Also, that special sauce you like- they can whip that up for you, no problem.   When you are served, the burger is presented to you on a stylish plate,  with the side dishes you’ve ordered to go along with it.  This burger is much more expensive than the fast food option.  This burger comes with side dishes and is made to order.  A highly-skilled chef has prepared it, and a server has delivered it to you and has checked with you to make sure it is satisfactory.  Consideration has gone into this burger.  This is quality.  You get what you pay for.

All too often, I read about how expensive DJ services seem to be.  The truth is, there are many of us out there, and we all have different types of equipment and levels of service.  You truly get what you pay for.

Let’s put the comparison into an event of a lifetime:

It just so happens Joe sings in a band, and that band has a speaker system.  Joe can “DJ”, as in, play a playlist on an iPod for your reception for free.

Something tells me that if you have paid a caterer for food, a baker for a cake, and a florist for beautiful bouquets and centerpieces, Joe’s DJ-ing from an iPod is going to be somewhat incongruous.

Joe knows a “guy”.  He is always busy, hauling his dated equipment from event to event.  Joe’s  “DJ guy” has a fairly large music selection, too.  He has posts all over Craig’s List regarding how affordable he is.  He has a formula:  Joe’s “guy” calls you one time to find out where to be and when, and gathers some pertinent information.  He shows up, hands the same old dented-up microphone around for toasts, plays the same usual music, gets paid, and leaves.

The DJ who is a cut above the rest is the equivalent to that fine restaurant burger!  It starts with excellent communication, making sure that they truly understand your needs.  Follow-up with many questions, answers and conversations are key to planning an event with your DJ.  Secondly, the equipment used is so important for the quality of what you will hear- from speeches to music.  A good DJ company is constantly refreshing and adding new items in order to stay current and have that failsafe back-up plan in place.  Thirdly, a quality DJ service has very dynamic and skilled people handling the music and emcee services.  Such a DJ/emcee will be able to handle the flow of the evening as well as special requests, concerns, and the like.  Finally, a high-caliber DJ service seamlessly integrates with your event.  This is done in many ways: incorporating your theme or colors into the lighting, keeping cables and wires from getting in the way of the overall “feel” of the event, providing wireless options if applicable, communicating throughout the event with the people in charge.  Most importantly, this DJ custom tailors your event to your specifications.  This type of DJ company holds customer service in an extremely high regard.  Such a DJ service is found here at Diamond Cut Entertainment.  With each event, there is a considerable time requirement for preparation, before the event ever comes to fruition.  Once the day arrives, there is even more consideration and effort when it comes to setting up at the event location.

You may still think that high-quality DJ services are expensive, and chances are, many of the other services you have hired for the occasion are as well.  The event you are planning is important.  You will enjoy it so much more when the quality standards are met, things run smoothly, guests enjoy themselves, and the atmosphere is exactly as you envisioned.