Tsunami Samurai

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Tsunami Samurai is a fresh wave of instrumental surf rock- shaking-and-stomping their way across greater Louisville. Formed in a roiling rip current of classics from the Ventures, Dick Dale, Link Wray, and all their gnarly cohorts, Tsunami Samurai shreds through a familiar yet underappreciated genre, a genre pure but with an undercurrent of mischief, respectable but with a hairy, pulsating chest tattoo that reads “Big waves only!” Emerging from the thick, reverberating swells, ripples of spy, classical, pulp, biker, and many other genres wash upon the shore. With frolicking guitar interplay and an uncompromising rhythm that leaves listeners reaching for a hula hoop and wishing to scurry along the beach like frenzied sand crabs, joyous in the summer sun!
Tsunumi Samurai is committed to creating and covering super-cool surf-inspired music and doing it up right. Members Bryan Hamilton (guitar), Ulises Rocha (bass), Chester Martin (guitar), and Mike Boblitt (drums) have shaped their sound to be “vintage” but edgy, enthusiastic but skilled, raucous but toneful. Balancing such disparate dynamics recommends them to wide and varied audiences. They’re received with appreciation at venues of any nature. Fun’s fun, and good music’s good music.
Catch a wave. Surf’s up!



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