The Marquise Package

Package Details

This package includes:

  • 2 hour event setup
  • 5 hour music service (inclusive of cocktail hour)
  • Emcee Service
  • Microphones for toasts, etc. (wireless unless impossible)
  • Sound system to suit venue
  • Dance floor lighting, 8 fixtures or more
  • Atmosphere/up-lighting, 4-6 fixtures
  • 1 1/2 hour equipment breakdown

This package is an upgrade in three ways from the Emerald
package. 1. The sound system is larger and will be suited for
larger halls and spaces. 2. The dance floor lighting will pop
more with the addition of accent lights that are able to tie into
your wedding colors. 3. The addition of atmosphere lighting to
surround the actual venue space with the colors of your


Our Promise

Having some of the finest equipment available, we are able to customize to your needs and create an amazing setting.

  • DCE will not keep you guessing, and communication is top
  • We take the time to prepare with you and gather important
  • We will meet with you to go over very specific information,
    musically and otherwise, to find out what is most important to
    you for your big day.
  • The music you want to hear is important to us, and we are
    excellent at mixing it up so your guests are moving and happy
    as well!
  • Our lighting is truly impressive; it is able to transform
    ordinary spaces and enhance already beautiful ones. we even
    color-match the atmosphere lighting to your colors!


Pricing on request

  •  Location same as reception
  • Location in separate location
  • Music provided in an additional area during reception
  • Additional uplighting: priced per area
  • Gobo with your monogram, date, customized designs.
  • Live music: We work with a rather large and diverse network of local, professional, and very talented musicians. If live music is something you would enjoy at your reception or ceremony, we’d be happy to accommodate.