We’ve been at this recording thing for a while now.

Jeff D. is our main man when it comes to recording engineering. He’s honed his craft over the last few years and we’re taking on some new projects!  Jeff has some open recording availability in the coming weeks & months.

Last year, DCE took a major plunge and built a dedicated Mix room. It is seriously equipped with some of the finest recording equipment you can get your hands on. When I say serious, I mean it.  Each piece of equipment was chosen with purpose and longeivity in mind, and the studio is seriously impressive.
Some of you reading this, no matter what you’re into musically, will understand the next two sentences: Just when you think you have enough gear, you need more gear. It’s the constant pursuit of perfection!
Nothing Jeff does is short of incredibly high standards, and we are so fortunate for that! There are a few more items that we’ve just added to the menagerie that no doubt set us apart from other studios. If you have a recording project that you need mixed, mastered, or mixed and mastered- I’m letting you know: We’re taking on projects! We have reference material at the ready, contact me and I’ll deliver you some listening pleasure!  By the way,  audio restoration is another service that we can handle.  If you have some noisy tracks that you feel have potential, send them our way.

Part of me wanted to get the word out about our open recording availability for some new projects, but I also really, really wanted to show off my new microphone that Jeff built!

microphone built by handJamie D. | Diamond Cut Entertainment

Love my gold Mic!