Live Sound & Production for Bands

DCE runs live sound for bands and events
Outdoor event live sound and lighting

PA System Details

DCE has some of the finest PA equipment you will perform through- from our microphones to our speakers.  Additionally, our stage lighting is equally impressive.  We are able to handle small acts to 10+ members.  Our PA equipment is Primarily QSC and EV, and our sound boards are PreSonus and Yamaha.  With our impressive sound system, we are able to provide sound for crowds of up to 2,000 people.  We customize the system and needs on a case by case basis.  The rate starts from $350.00 for a small (up to 4 member) band on a small stage.  If you want that PRO polish, you’ve come to the right place.  Contact us for more info.

Our PA Sound System and Services

Diamond Cut Entertainment is able to provide the PA System and run sound and lighting for bands and musicians.  We are here for the bands that have their music, instruments, and personal equipment completely sorted out, but do not have a sound engineer or perhaps a PA system big enough for the event they are booked to perform.  When a band is forced into a rental situation, they must either figure out how to use the equipment in a tight space of time, or have someone run it for them.  This can be frustrating, stressful, and make the performance less of an enjoyable experience.  DCE is here to alleviate the stress and hassle of running your own sound and rigging your own lighting.  Contact us for more information!


Snapshot of our gear:


  • QSC Mains
  • QSC Fills
  • QSC Subwoofers
  • EV Monitors
  • Midas Digital board
  • Chauvet Lighting Truss
  • Chauvet lighting
  • Chauvet Lighting, moving heads
  • Fog- LOTS of FOG
  • Mobile Recording Rig
  • production for outdoor events- Diamond Cut Entertainment
  • sound provided for three piece all acoustic band
  • Sound stage setup at Butchertown Oktoberfest- Diamond Cut Entertainment
  • Live sound and production for jazz band
  • Stage for a wedding on the waterfront
  • Butchertown Jazz Fest Jeff D. running sound
  • Production for Butchertown Oktoberfest with Ken and Mary Turbo Accordions Express
  • Sherby VI stage
  • Live sound and production Sherby VI
  • Sherby VI stage at night
  • Stage for Sherby VI