About Jamie D.

Moving through the world of music and musicians, I am here to facilitate, acquire, and coordinate all your entertainment needs and be sure that attention is paid to the details. Along with my passion for music, I am a foodie, wine-lover, health nut and hobbyist beekeeper.

Uplighting- Demystified

What Exactly IS Uplighting?

When it comes to larger-scale parties and events, uplighting- or as I like to call it, “atmosphere” lighting may be the perfect choice for you to add that additional flare.  It is most widely used at galas, fundraisers, business openings, company holiday parties, formals, and wedding receptions.

Commonly, the lights are directed to shine […]

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Sherby V

This year, Diamond Cut Entertainment will be doing all the lighting, sound, and DJing for Sherby V! Come out and enjoy a day of music and food!Here are some (rather late) photos.  What a blast!

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